May 5, 2012

Settling Into England

It was tough to settle down at first in the UK because in Holland, I was one of the fittest players for Feyenoord. But when I came here, I think…

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Soccer - Celtic Training Session
May 2, 2012

My Managers | Gordon Strachan

Gordon was a manager who wanted to win anything, whether it was tennis, table tennis, any game he was in, he wanted to win; and he was a winner; and…

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April 20, 2012

On Loan

As a youth player you need match time, as much game experience as you can get, and most of all, you need to be able to toughen into a League.…

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March 18, 2012

My First Trial

At the trial for Feyenoord, you had like, the team, mixed with some of the reserve players, and they would play a game against a local team. Another time, I…

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March 8, 2012

Getting Scouted

I was about 14 years old when I was approached by Sparta of Rotterdam, which is the smaller team in Rotterdam, and they asked if I wanted to join them.…

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February 5, 2012

Out Of Africa

Making that move from Ghana to Holland was hard because… imagine… I had to leave my mum there and go and live with my dad in Holland. I didn’t speak…

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February 1, 2012

Falling in Love with the Beautiful Game

As a kid, I had always been really sporty. I loved running, and obviously, football, and even tennis. I loved it all! So I was very active, like any normal…

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January 8, 2012

Childhood Memories

Like most young kids growing up in Ghana, I lived in poverty. But because you are looked after by family members and your friends, you don’t actually see the poverty,…

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