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May 2, 2012

My Managers | Gordon Strachan

Gordon was a manager who wanted to win anything, whether it was tennis, table tennis, any game he was in, he wanted to win; and he was a winner; and when he joined in our training with us you could see he was a good player as well.

Sometimes, he would play with us and, if things didn’t go well, he would actually give an example of what he wanted. He would take out his pen and paper in his hand, and he would say ‘George, I want you to switch play like this’, and he would hit the ball 60 yards and hit it right on the chest of a team player… and wow, that was really fantastic!

But in the early days, my English wasn’t as good as it is now and Gordon’s English was more Scottish than English, so most of the time I didn’t understand what he was saying. All I did was just smile at him and say ‘yes’, and I would ask a colleague ‘what did he say?’. And they would translate to me. But he was a top manager; he made us believe that we could conquer the world: we could beat anything! And we did!! In the first 6 months, we beat Manchester; we beat Liverpool at home; we had a great group of players with real heart that were all willing to play for the manager and the fans.

We had a very good team spirit, and that was an 18 months I would never forget: a fabulous time in my life.

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