February 5, 2012

Out Of Africa

Making that move from Ghana to Holland was hard because… imagine… I had to leave my mum there and go and live with my dad in Holland. I didn’t speak the language, but the good thing was, I spoke good English, and in Holland, most people speak English quite well. But I still had to catch up with most of the kids in school so I had to work hard.

One of the challenges was the Dutch language, but being able to at least communicate in English helped. It was still important to pick up Dutch, which I managed, (unbelievably!) in three months! Don’t ask me how… but it was fun learning.

My earliest memory of learning in Holland was after school, having taken home these thick books, thinking they were like, 200 pages long. But really, they only had a few pages of text because each page had an image with the corresponding Dutch word. For example, a tree was drawn on a one page, and in massive capital letters opposite, a word saying ‘tree’ was written in Dutch. This was how I had to learn. I also watched a lot of TV to pick up the language and accent.

But honestly, leaving all my friends behind was tough; very, very tough; but the biggest miss was my mum… to leave her there. I didn’t see her for I think about six years, which was really challenging. But then, gradually, once I picked up the language, I could make friends at school and I became more involved in sports. I chose football and baseball, so I had to run from one court to the other!

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  1. Lisa Blom says:

    Wow George je hebt een hele mooie website en heel leuk om die verhalen te lezen.
    Ik herinner mij jouw vooral van school met natasja (die rooie) hahaha.
    en natuurlijk die goeie ouwe tijd in demi-sec was altijd gezellig.
    Nou ik wens je heel veel geluk en met alles wat er nog op je pad komt.

    Groetjes Lisa

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